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Another Odyssey student graduates!

Celebrate the graduation  
of Odyssey’s Spring
Class of 2019!


June 26
10:00 am to 11:00am 
Odyssey Learning Center campus quad

Join Odyssey Learning Center as we celebrate our spring graduates of 2019!  We will provide a cap, gown and tassel for our students, and will serve light refreshments along with music in Anthony Flores’ room just after the ceremony. Graduating students are encouraged to dress in their “Sunday Best” and will walk the quad for two laps accompanied by the march “Pomp and Circumstance.” At the end of their procession, each graduate will receive a rose and a certificate of completion. After the ceremony, students may continue attending Odyssey until the last day of the regular school year on June 28.

There will be a place outside of building 1 with a fun prop for students who want to have their picture taken. Families and friends are all invited, so feel free to bring anyone you wish! Our philosophy is, “the more, the merrier!”

This is a fun event for the entire school, and all students participate by observing and cheering on our graduates. Thank you for allowing us to serve your student at Odyssey Learning Center.


Lovina Robinson, Principal
Odyssey Learning Center


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